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Use Keywords Density Technique For The Meta Tag 'Keywords'

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Home Made Keywords Density Technique

Here is one of the best technique to get perfect meta tags keywords based on your content. And it prevents from plagiarism and i'll explain why. As you know many people copy your meta tags for their websites because both of you treats the same subject. With this technique the chosen keywords meta tags are the one from your content and not from competitor's content.

So now you take one of your pages and analyze it with a keywords density tool. Make a list of the keywords you see in pole position of the keywords density result page and use them to create your meta tag keywords. Look at the example below:

If your page contain a text like that:

Keywords density tools on the internet helps users to specify their web documents to get a better ranking on the SERP's with their targeted keywords. Our keywords density tools provides perfect results for our visitors. Please use the keywords density tool below...

And now we want to know the keywords density of this text so we can use it for our meta tags keywords:

Keywords Density Technique

Results from

In this example i separated the keywords to use from the other one. Most of the times the heady keywords in a keyword density result are the one to follow.

Here goes your keywords meta tag:

<meta name="keywords" content="keywords, density, tolls, perfect, targeted, provided, visitors, serp, results">

It just took 2 minutes.

Now you also have a description meta tag

For your description meta tag use also the keywords result and make a sentence with it. Do not copy and past the sentence in your html page for your meta tag description, instead be creative!

If i have to make a sentence with those keywords i would suggest:

Good keywords density tools which provides perfect results.

Keep it clean. Simple. And descriptive. Your message must be clear like a bolt of lightning.

So you have both meta tags keywords and description done:

<meta name="keywords" content="keywords, density, tolls, perfect, targeted, provided, visitors, serp, results">
<meta name="description" content="Good keywords density tools which provides perfect results.">

If you get used to this technique: first it looks professional and second this is an easy message. So get used to it!

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