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Keywords Search and Optimization Introduction

What is a keyword ?

Keywords are keyphrases you type on search engines query box when you're searching some stuff. Keywords specify one web pagecontent, for helping users searching and finding your website over the search engine page results.

You Have To Be Specific in every keyword you add to your web pages. When people search with keywords on internet using search engines, they usually are specific. Bad keywords can drop your website ranking directly to search engines sandbox. It's hard to get out of the sandbox, but rewriting content is sometimes the best solutions for sandbox problems.

Bad Keywords Search Philosophy:

Actually i don't need to target keywords for search, i know what people want and how to make them come on my website. And people will anyway find my website on internet some day in the afternoon. But it takes more times for my website to become popular over the major search engines. But anyway it's the same result for all the websites who've done a keywords optimization or not. Just the time to rank over the major search engines is slower. Yada yada yada yada...A website is like a bottle of wine, it tastes better with time... Yada Yada...

Good Keywords Search Philosophy:

I have to work on my keywords.

Fast Tips for a Better Keyword Optimization:

First you will have to use those web tools, some of those tools will tell you what people are looking for on the search engines, the others will give your keywords density on each of your web pages.

Get a Good Keywords Optimization

- Be creative when writing your text. If you can't, ask for help, take dictionnaries and thesaurus and make a list.
- Do not bet on luck for keywords. You're not the magic wizard nor a psychic i guess!
- The domain name of your website is a place to include major keywords.
- The folder structuration and sub domains is a good place to include keywords for your website.
- The title tag is one of the most important ranking factor of all in the major search engines. Do not miss it. All the major keywords come in this tag.
- Keywords contained in <H1>...<H6> tag will give a thrust to your keywords optimization.
- Include keywords in images alt tags and comments tags.
- Use different keywords for all of your pages.
- Do not abuse with keywords. The search engines will consider this act as a spam. You should have 3-6 targeted keywords per 100 words on each of your pages.

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