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Submit Your Website on Internet to have an Effective Link Popularity

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Where do i have to submit my Links on Internet ?

- Web Directories over the internet. Submit to all the free web directories and the best paid web directories. This will give a boost to your website link popularity!

- Forums. Create a forum can give you plenty of links pointing to your website. Another way to get link is to go on others webmasters forum and insert your signature in every posts you suscribe in. Signature is a place for marketing, some forums like Digital Point allows you to insert links into your signature. But a forum is a place where you exchange ideas, concepts and help others first. Marketing comes after. Once you customized your signature for all your future posting in the forum, stop thinking about it and start to post intelligent message! Don't try to be too smart on forums. Keep a low profile.

- Blogs are also another way to get link popularity. It works the same as forums.

- Writing articles, and submit them freely on internet! This another best way to get link exchange or traffic on your site. Articles your write are more important than the content of your website itself. This gives an outlook to the people who doesn't know you and your site (yet). This might be a good opportunity for giving trust to your visitors by providing up to dates articles.

- Insert your website url in guest books over internet. Let a nice message saying congratulation to the website and insert your url at the end of the message. No shame to that, do it as much as you can. But of course, do not repeat the same message over and over again on all the guest books you will encounter.

- Words of mouth! Go talk to the people and give them business cards. Business cards is an asset but if your website sounds easy like "", people will spread the word fast in their surroundings. Psychology is at the pinch of today if you think about what could be an easy remembering, attractive, charming domain name.

- You can also get backlinks by buying links from other sites, but google is penalizing backlinks sellers and the links you might buy are not even indexed by google! Be careful before any trading on internet!

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