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What is a link popularity?

Term you use when you talk about the quantity of websites linking to your website. If a website 'A' link to your website, you have 1 link popularity from 'A'. Your link popularity is another key factor to unlock the doors of successful web promotions.

Here is an example. On the example website A and B share reciprocal links. And website B send a one way link to website C.

There is another way to interprets this. From Google PageRank algorithm, the link from website A to website B, is interpreted as a vote from website A for website B. The websites that receives more votes gets a higher PageRank so a higher link popularity.

What's so important about Exchanging Links?

You are probably wondering why it is important to exchange links with other websites, but most of the major search engines use link popularity as part of their algorithm to rank websites when there is too much competitions. So if you want to have a good ranking, you have to find links pointing to your website. And you should never stop to increase your link popularity once its started.

And link popularity is an internet-made-concept, this is a unique concept only found on internet. If search engines are all dead tomorow, people will mostly find your site from other websites, this is an old working fashion long term strategy if you plan to remain on internet for a while in every aspects.

An inbound link is another 'star gate' to your website.

Do not mix quantity and quality.

You surely don't want your website to show up in an internet black list just because you have a link to a porn website, hack website, warez or all kind of illegal website purposes on internet.

Increasing links with your partners are appropriate when they are serious about their works, have quality content on their websites, no duplicates content, links pointing at other quality content websites and so forth.

Robots also check the websites you are linking to so be careful, they also check for duplicate content on your website also. It's fast to get down in the sandbox of some search engines, and never getting out of it.

How does my link popularity renders like ?

There is a lots of tools on internet which can tell your link popularity on most of the major search engines such as Google, Teoma, DogPile, MSN, Yahoo, Altavista...

Here is the sample. has a link popularity of 159.

Here i used the tool from Submit Express to calculate's LP.

I took the example of There is obviously more incoming links from it because you can see a total of 159 links and google just displays 4 links and yahoo 0 links. The other links are from All the Web, Altavista, and MSN.

There is different results on all search engines when you type the same keywords because they all queries different database. Don't be afraid when your link popularity change from a search engine to another.

Other Informations about Link Popularity:

In my philosophy, search engines are just providing an inbound link to your website via SERP's. And keywords are the trigger for those links, so there is a connection between a good keywords optimization and a good link popularity.

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