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Irka is constantly starving for link trading, whether you have a website, blog or a forum, go ahead and contact us for link trading. Find our inclusion policy below to see if your website fits our criteria.

We work by reciprocal. You link to us and we link to you!

List of websites we are aiming at :

- Web Promotion (Web site/Forum/Blog/WebTools/...)
- Web Design (Web site/Forum/Blogs)
- Web Accessibility (Web site/Forum/Blogs)
- Programmation (Web site/Forum/Blogs/WebTools/...)
- Forums relating about internet in general or specifically
- Web Hosting Companies
- Domain Names reseller or trade (Web site/Forum)
- Web Templates Company
- All kind of websites related to internet marketing and businesses.

We do not aim at:

- Pedophiles, sex, porn etc...
- Hack, warez, cracks etc...

How to link to our website?

Copy and past the following code into your html page:

<a href="" title="Website Promotion Guide" >Website Promotion Guide</a>

Then send us an email at, to give us the informations about your links. (please remove the _at_ to @, we changed it deliberately in order to protect ourselves from spammers, Thanks.)

Where will be my link?

Your link will appear in the web directory section. Also don't forget to visit our web directories on the left frame of this sites under 'Submit Your Sites'.

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