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Meta Tags Rules and Point of View

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2. Is there any rules for meta tags?

- Do not (try to) trick the search engines by repeating the same keywords a thousands time. But i suggest you try it one time, just to see how it's like to get banned from google. But it's better to warn oneself than to heal oneself.
By the way meta tags increase the size of your page so do not over use them.
- The title tag should resume the content of your pages and should be an average 6 to 8 words length maximum. Make it humanly readable, no title like "Free Ipod Nano Free ebay amazon on". Nobody clicks on that or it's a mistake.
- The description meta tag shouldn't be longer than 600 characters. A 150-200 characters description is a good description.
- The keywords meta tag shouldn't be longer than 250 characters. 100 characters is good enough.
- Each keywords in the keywords meta tags should be followed by a comma (,) and a space( ). So it looks like this: Web Design, Design, Promotion, Tips HTML...

3.How it renders like on a search engines?

You have this example right here, i typed the keywords : fishing salmon on Google. Ok! in fact this is not the result of the meta tags but if it was so, the title tag in the html would be "Riptide Sport Fishing" and the description meta tag would have this text inside "Sport fishing, whale watching... at sea".

Meta tags are used only when your page doesn't show any text/content (they are also used when you type for a whois request for a TLD domain name).

4. So why are they not "useful"?

Because if they were useful in the actual period of internet, it would be a mess and it would be impossible to rank on any search engines. Look, imagine you are in a world where meta-tags are the key of success in any search engine optimization and you have--let's say 50 keywords in your keywords meta tag, and it helps you to rank on google any time you type the 50 keywords in different combination ways.

Meta tags escape

How would google or any search engines knows how to rank the pages if everybody have between 150 to 50 keywords in their meta tags? You tell me. Google'd be lost. People would tend to add thousands of unrelevant keywords such as "Free, sex, water, linkin park". But they will get traffic for sure. 95% of your "traffic" will stay between 0-30 seconds on your website how's that?

And i am pretty sure those people earned nothing back in benefit. People who wants to have a lyric from an album of linkin park surely doesn't want to buy a water filter for their houses. That's how and why meta-tags are nowadays more or less unhelpful. Because of cheaters!

Here is what google say about the meta datas. You are fixed on meta tags once you read this!

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