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28/12/2006 - Preparing for the new year, IWP just launched this year and we never expected it to rank high on google for keywords like ' web promotion ' or ' website promotion '. The year we started building that resource we also started learning about search engine optimization, this is a big surprise to us that we came that far. We all wish you a happy new year!

03/10/2006 - IWP just got through the 29th September PR update and kept its PR5, we're expecting to have a PR6 on the next update!

28/05/2006 - Irka web promotions now has a new design! We hope that it makes it more friendly for users! Enjoy!

22/04/2006 - Modifications of the Irka's web directory structure, some of your listings has been placed in other categories.

The pagerank is coming as soon as the next update occur! So do not worry!

01/04/2006 - Best directories list created!

03/03/2006 - Official launch on internet of the website.

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