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Understand The Google Ranking Algorithm

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Google Ranking Algorithm Introduction

We can't really know how the google algorithm works as long as search engine optimizers are constantly aiming and shooting at a moving target, but we can give you some insights about what is the google algorithm. Google uses 2 differents variables when calculating its algorithm for ranking websites.

The first variable is the text inside your website, Google have a text machine system that check which theme(s) your website is about and how "good" is your content, this variable helps your website to have relevant advertissements if using Google Adsense. It also helps users on internet to have relevant SERP's regarding what keywords they used when researching on Google Search Engine.

The other variable of Google Algorithm is to calculates the link popularity of websites using the software PageRank. It gives your website a score from 0 to 10. But PageRank is only used for Google algorithm

A website with a PageRank of 7/10 will have better rankings than a website with 1/10.

A Listing inside DMOZ Web Directory is part of the algorithm, a listing in DMOZ is a good thing so you should focus on DMOZ before focusing on Google.

Google Ranking Algorithm And its Text Machine System

Google Robot (Googlebot) check your website swiftly by looking at special keywords spots, to calculate a results with their special text machine, such as:

- The title of your website
- The Heading Tags (H1 > H2) When using html tags
- The text of your website must be structured and if possible with no (grammar, writing) typos.

Don't think that i am insane to share my ideas about Google algorithm, know that there is so much to tell but nothing to prove whether yes or not i am right. The only way you will get to know about google algorithm is to use it.

It is hard anyway to guess how does google algorithm works out because search engines keeps its ranking algorithm as a secret. But sometimes when doing a web promotion, some search engine optimizer see changes inside one search engine's algorithm. Somebody who worked/strived 4 years to rank his website first on Google SERP's using keywords "travel asia" must have seen switches and patterns on how google's ranking algorithm works out so his website rank first. I have seen some patterns also, what i can say is that focus on the title.

Google Ranking Algorithm PageRank Thrust

As explain in the Google PageRank section, PageRank determines the importance of your website by looking at the number of inbounds and oubounds links coming and going out of your website.

The more you have inbounds and outbounds link on your website, the more you seem to have importance for google. Here linking is the key.

BUT beware of site-wide linking with google, Google seems to appreciate more 1 link of your website per domain name! Yahoo still loves site-wide linking.

Fast Google Ranking Algorithm Tips

- PageRank is part of google's algorithm only if there is keywords competitions. If not, you do not need to link that much to rank first on Google SERP's when using specified keywords in your text. Analyze the situation on internet for each keywords you plan to use before you start a google optimization and you may notice that you don't need to work much on link popularity and your inner websites links.

- Sure thing is that you can't survive on internet without inbound links, but sometimes you can relax and put it aside for a while. Good inbound links from website with PageRank to your website are seldom and usually not free.

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