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Teoma Search Engine and its link popularity calculator ExpertRank

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Introduction to Teoma Search Engine

Teoma merged with Ask Jeeves in 2001. Teoma was an Internet search engine founded in 2000.

On 26 February 2006, Teoma was rebranded and redirected to

Teoma was unique because of its link popularity algorithm. Unlike Google PageRank, Teoma's technology (Subject-Specific Popularity) analyzed links in context to rank a web page's importance within its specific subject. For instance, a web sites about "search engine"' would rank higher if other web sites about "search engine" link to it. This algorithm is known as ExpertRank.

Teoma was the first, and is still the only, major search technology based upon the clustering concept of subject-specific popularity.

Teoma means "Expert" in Gaelic.

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