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Customize Your Description For DMOZ Web Directory

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Your DMOZ Description is all that Matter:

As you know content is the king of web promotion. Good content means a good promotion even if you don't target keywords. You must write specifically and precisely your content.

Most of webmasters doesn't know about web promotion and they rank first on SERP's with a nice range of keywords. Why ? Quality Content, a good content means it has been maintained by a good webmaster, we can trust that webmaster.

The description you give to dmoz is hardly modifiable after having been accepted in the directory. So typos and mistakes are out of the question. Think what could be a good description and take more than 5 minutes to create, structure, create again, structure again, and polish it. The rules below may help you out:

This is a general rule not only for DMOZ but all the other directories out there on internet.

The description must be:

- Concise, precise, informative, objective. People must understand what your website is about in a bolt of lightning.

- Structured. Your description must be grammaticaly correct, punctuations must be used properly, use a third person pronouns. Start your sentence with a capital letter and end with a period.

- Not megalomaniac. Keywords like 'best', 'better', 'beautiful', 'genius', 'great', 'astounded', 'astonishing', 'extremly powerful' are out of the question when writing a description for DMOZ!

- Not overflowed by keywords. Avoid repeating the same keywords more than 2 times. And it still depends on the length of your text so you're the own judge of your description, if you estimate repeating 2 times the same keyword is too much, do not repeat it 2 times.

- Clean. No references relating with hackers, porn websites, warez websites shall be found inside your description (and website).

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