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The Open Directory Project, DMOZ Directory

What is DMOZ The Open Directory Project?

DMOZ is a web directory alike Yahoo and Zeal. The only difference between dmoz and the other web directories is that it is maintained by 73,000 editors who volunteered. They do not receive any money or payments for the work they provide. There is advantages and inconvenients in the fact volunteered editors review your web site. Sometimes it is possible you will have to wait a long time before your web site appears in the dmoz directory because those editors have a life and other submissions before yours. You'll have to wait between 3 weeks to an unknown period to get inside the dmoz web directory. For myself i submitted a water website and it took 3 weeks to get inside DMOZ.

The DMOZ directory incorporated 73,000 editors, 590,000 categories and a 6 millions quality website content at the beginning of 2006.

Why Do I Have To Use DMOZ ?

Having a Listing in DMOZ means having a listing in google web directory also. Google Web Directory gets a big part of its directory listing from DMOZ.

- DMOZ is a source of quality content, they actually claim themselves the "Republic of the Web". Being inside of the open directory project means being inside of a quality whole. There is many advantages you can take from DMOZ if your website is listed.

- Web directories like DMOZ gives you more incoming links (inbound links) to your website so you get more popularity.

- This is one link from another web site (here a web directory) to your website, and this is very important.

- DMOZ is Free and Free. You can add your business website inside the dmoz directory for free if you follow their guidelines properly without paying any fees. That's a big advantage!

Actually you can learn a lot more on their website: About DMOZ.

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