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Zeal Web Directory Submission Guideline

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What is Zeal Web Directory?

Zeal allows people to add websites, links, anything relevant without any commercial purposes in their web directory. It is from the family of Looksmart. They spread their informations over the LookSmart network of top portals, ISPs, and search services including Lycos, InfoSpace, RoadRunner, CNET, Inktomi, and

The web directory has more than 220,000 members with 32 directories over 27 countries and 13 differents languages.

To Zeal up and have the right to submit your website in their web directory you have to do your homework and pass a quiz test!

There is different quiz! You have the member quizz which ask you question on what to correct/check on your website before submitting it in the zeal web directory. And you have the zealot quiz which asks you how would you manage categories in the Zeal web directory if you were an editor.

The Zeal Member Quiz To become a Zeal Contributor:

To have the right to add a website into Zeal Web Directory you must pass this quiz and answer a maximum of questions to get a MQ over 90%. Your MQ is the percentage of all questions you answered correctly. There is 20 questions so you have to answer 18 of them to pass the quiz. All the answers are found in the Zeal Guidelines. So you have to read/understand it all to pass the quiz smoothly.

Once you pass the quiz you receive a special icon in your profile (MQ) telling others you are a Zeal contributor. Also passing the quiz gives you 25 zeal points. At 100 zeal points you are considered a zealot. You can earn points by submitting websites over the Zeal Web Directory. You get between 20 to 30 points for each websites submitted. You also receive a quality quotient when you submit a web site, which is determinded in percentage and tell whether yes or not you add a good content web sites.

How to become a Zeal Editor:

To become a Zeal editor (Zealot), you have to pass the member quiz first. And after that you have to earn 75 more points by submitting web sites over Zeal. You can also submit different web pages from the same website.

You can submit web pages from Wikipedia for instance! Read them before submitting them like crazy, that's an advice.

You will have to pass the Zealot Quiz! It is the same as the Member quiz, 20 questions and you must have a ZQ over 90% to have the special icon (ZQ) in your profile to show that you're a Zealot.

You do not need to be the webmaster of a web site when you submit to zeal. You have the right to submit any web sites that you, and the other people, think relevant. That's pretty fair!

The more you grow up and gain points, the more you will have to edit/manage very important categories of Zeal. It depends what you want to do after all.

You must have a Quality Quotient over 60% so you keep your Zealot badge. If you drop below the 60% you will have to submit more quality websites so you have your zealot editor function again.

Benefits from Zeal ?

Once you are inside Zeal Web Directory, you are inside Looksmart Web Directory as well for free.

It's another link pointing to your website. All that for link popularity!

But there is another benefit, you will not need to pass the member quizz anymore once you passed it, so you can submit more and more web sites over Zeal web directory after that.

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