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Yahoo Web Directory Submission Guideline

Yahoo Web Directory Introduction:

Yahoo web directory is another way to get popularity on internet. Yahoo gets over 330 millions visitors a month. Yahoo directory is one of the most expensive paid web directories on the web. But a listing there ensure you site to get more crawled by search engine spiders and your site'll get more link popularity. The process to get inside this directory is the same process like any other web directories. Submit your website, after that an editor will review your website and/or web document and if it follows the yahoo guidelines your web site will appear in the yahoo web directory sooner or later.

Anyway, they give you feedbacks most of the time when contacting them by email. Don't be shy to contact Yahoo for further explainations.

Submit your Website and Web Documents to Yahoo Web Directory:

It works the same as DMOZ. Browse the directory, look for the best suitable category for your website and submit it by clicking on the top button "Suggest a Site".

The difference between Yahoo and DMOZ is that yahoo tend to add more websites in their web directory, so you have a biggest chance to get listed in Yahoo than DMOZ. I would say thats false, but some webmasters got their websites accepted in yahoo for free and without respect i would have never listed them on my directories!

Yahoo is lucrative, you've to pay a modest $299 annualy to remain inside their web directory. The normal submitting way (free way) doesn't work that much. But you have to try.

The content of your website is all that decides whether yes or no it will appear inside of Yahoo web directory even if you pay or not. Anyway if you pay for an inclusion they will accept your site.

You can also submit many other documents into Yahoo Web Directory such as:

- Internet mobile phone sites (xHTML, WML, or cHTML format).

- RSS feeds from your website to yahoo. If you do so, you have to keep it up to date or dead feeds will be automatically detected and removed on an ongoing basis by Yahoo.
You can also submit live chat and audio or video broadcast with Yahoo Broadcast.

After Submission to Yahoo, what are the results?

Better rankings on Yahoo Search Engine and Google Search Engine with your targeted keywords. And also a shot of popularity. All that for $299 annualy.
Now it is time for you to make some choices.

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