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This website provides free advices, a guide, and tutorials for beginners and professionals of search engine optimization (SEO) and Website Promotion.

The search engine optimization process helps your site to get more popular over the search engines like Yahoo, Google and MSN. Search engines are a way to get traffic. So if you own an online business or any e-commerce sites, you will surely need to optimize your website for search engines to get visitors and more sales.

If you're not keen on search engines, there are other ways to get traffic on internet. Linking your sites with other sites is a good thing, especially if the sites you're linking with get a nice amount of traffic every day. You've to find those sites and convince them to link to your website. Most of the time webmasters will link with sites related to the same subject as their websites.

What is exactly a search engine optimization?

It is the process of ranking a website on search engine page results (SERPS) with targeted and relevant keywords regarding your web site text-content. If your website is about widgets you surely want to appear in the TOP 10 SERPS when a visitor type 'widgets' in the search box of any search engines. Well you will find plenty of useful informations on how to reach that goal by reading the articles of this site!

Is there any secrets about web promotion?

There is 3 main secrets that aren't secrets at all. First secret is that you've to get backlinks to your site, backlinks means more visitors and also more popularity on the web. The second secret is the content of your website, it will decides whether yes or no webmasters will link to your site, having a good unique content prevent search engines to think you're a spam and helps webmasters linking to your site. And the last secret is the structure of your html files, there are ways to render a HTML document more search engine friendly.

Seo Blog

We've updated our seo blog using the wordpress technology, previously we were using blogger, we found out that wordpress is easier to use and customize, with the plugins and their css-html editor. Well we can design it as we want it to be and thats the purpose. Please visit our website promotion blog!.

Let's get it started!

You can look for a tutorial on the left side bar or read our full Free Seo Guide. This guide explains to you step by step how to do a website promotion and a search engine optimization for your website.

If you need assistance with understanding , you can use our seo glossary.

Free Search Engine Optimization Tutorials

- Search engines submissions, algorithms and history
- Web Directories List & Submission Guideline
- Meta tags optimization
- Create a Reliable robots.txt file
- Keywords optimization tips and Strategies
- improve your Link popularity

Some Notes

This website is somehow the fruit of our experience but our guide is incomplete, you will find better website promotion tutorials on websites such as A Promotion Guide which we highly recommend for all SEO beginners. A bunch of our knowledges comes from A Promotion Guide and its great articles.

Enjoy while reading our guide and Lauri's guide!

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