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Excite Search Engine Submission And Introduction

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Learn about Excite Search Engine

Excite was founded in 1994 by Mark Van Haren, Ryan McIntyre, Ben Lutch, Joe Kraus, Graham Spencer, and Martin Reinfried. They got a $4000 investement from Venture Partners to start the company. It took a year, in 1995, to launch Excite on the web.

In 1996, Excite bought two search engines: Magellan and WebCrawler.
In 1999, Excite combined with high-speed Internet service and became Excite@Home. Excite company established contracts with large cable companies making Excite@Home the 'broadband portal' for users with cable modems in 2000 and 2001.

Unfortunately by 2001, Excite company was running out of cash. For Excite, that period was Chaos.

On Sunday, December 16 2001, iWon launched the new Excite and transferred millions of Excite user. iWon changed it's name to the Excite Network in the same period.

Excite continued to operate without many upgrades until iWon and Excite was acquired by Ask Jeeves in March 2004. Ask Jeeves promised to rejuvenate iWon and Excite, but those upgrades didn't happen.

On May 20, 2005, Ask Jeeves made two announcements regarding steps towards bringing the Excite brand back together again.

Website Submission on Excite

Actually you do not need to submit your website on Excite Search Engine and i tell you why. Because if you are listed in Google, Yahoo, Aol, Overture, Looksmart, Altavista and DMOZ, you are sure to get listed in Excite.

Excite doesn't bring much traffic, so their algorithm is worthless to care about, you should concentrate on google and yahoo.

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