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List of Best Paid Web Directories Inclusions

Why Pay for a Web Directory Inclusion?

Webmasters without so much money to spend in their search engine optimization should concentrate on paying for some of the best paid directories on internet, to build a good strong link popularity. This will give you traffic, pagerank, more links and the advantages of being listed in a great resource.

When you submit to free directories, the webmaster who will list your website will be more likely to do anything with your submission (delete it/edit it/move it to another category). But with a paid directory this doesn't works that way, you will get more privileges, one huge privileges is to keep your title (or anchor text) intact!

Here at IWP we've build up what we think the best web directories on internet. Our list is based on our experience with the directories (this include: We know if the owners are serious enough and will not shut down the directory within 2 months or so/ how the editors of the directories edits submissions/ and also if they will modify your listing a lot or just a little bit or not at all).

TOP 5 factor on why people buy links from paid directories:

1/ Pagerank, the pagerank of the site is all that matters to webmasters nowadays. The higher the PR is the more you will buy.

2/ The page strenght of the directory. You can have this information by using the page strenght tool of SEOMOZ. (this is a new fad, but it seems to be relevant!)

3/ The owner's reputation. If you are likely to navigate in webmasters forums, you must have met a lot of web directories owners, so you are able to know whether those dir owners are serious when reviewing links or not and so on. It also means if the directory's content is valuable or not.

4/ If the site is big enough such as Yahoo (well this is an extrem example), you will get good traffic from it (not all the directories on internet provides traffic! And it should be in bold!).

5/ The design of the website helps buying. A beautiful design is better than a crappy one right? But still PR is number 1!

The List:

Web Directory Name Inclusions Fees Pagerank Comments
Best Of The Web $49.95 annualy$ / 149.95 one time fee 7/10 Best of the web directory is a quality resources directory. A listing there is a very good thing!
Microsoft bCentral

$49 annualy


The Microsoft Business Directory.


$299 annualy


A must though the pricings are a bit expensive.

Uncover The Net

From $39 to $199


Uncoverthenet got a great web directory, its good to have a link there!

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