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AOL Search Engine Introduction

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American Online Search Engine and Service Introduction

AOL short for America online was founded in 1985. AOL was not only a search engine but also a Internet Service Provider. In the mid 1990s people thought AOL was " the internet ", at the end 1996 they had more than 15 millions suscribers (couting 1 million outside the US).

For the one who used aol internet service provider, let's remember how painful it was to cancel an account because of their policies and personnel that doesn't want to listen to us, let's also remember how their software AOL (launched in 1991) didn't help users if they wanted to connect their modems to another internet service probider.

News reports in the fall of 2005 indicated an interest in buying out AOL. Suitors such as Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and Comcast have had discussions with Time Warner (AOL) about a possible purchase, and on December 16, 2005, Time Warner and Google announced that they were starting exclusive talks for Google to purchase $1 billion in AOL stock, a 5% share.

In gross, AOL is shrinking. Besides i find it funny that AOL created a page dedicated about AOL History on Internet. If you check this web page you will notice a long list of events. It's the only search engine to have such long history, even Google History which is a long list doesn't have one long like that.

AOL Search Engine Listing

AOL receives it's main search result listing from Google, and receives also some web directory listings from DMOZ. A listing in Google grant you a listing in AOL.

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