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Domain Names List of Top Level Domains

Domain names are the hype of your shop or company on the internet. Whenever people talk about your website, they always mention your domain name. You never got angry when people send you a link to visit and the url is about 50 characters length on your messenger or email?

The simple domain name , the better. Choose your domain name in reference of your website subject and try to make it clear and simple to use for your future visitors.

Domain names are obviously present in your email address as well.

Find my domain name tutorial with keywords optimization for more explanations.

Domain name extensions choices:

The most common question is "What does the difference of extensions mean?"Let's clarify that out. Read below:

Three-letter top-level domains (TLD):

TLD Meaning


Commercial business.


Network provider, ISP


U.S. governmental agency


U.S. educational institution


Non-profit organization




Accountants, lawyers, and physicians


Business in general

Four-letter top-level domains:

TLD Meaning


Air-transport industry




Unrestricted use



Others top-level domains:

TLD Meaning




Travel related with businesses

To understand more about TLD please visit the website of ICANN at

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