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Search Engine Optimization Guide - Our SEO Guide revealed

Why performing a Search Engine Optimization ?

This is the process of optimizing your website in order to rank well on search engines. There is 2 important steps in Search Engine Optimization, the first step is to target keywords on your website and the second one is to build your website's link popularity by linking with other web sites relating to your web content subject or other.

This free search engine optimization (SEO) guide will clear your mind out about search engines algorithm, how to target keywords, how to build a link popularity, web directories submissions and a lot more for free.

It starts now!

Want to own some search engine placements for some keywords?

1. Your website must be 'perfect' before you upload it on internet. Perfect means: Great Accessibility content, Logical HTML Structure (use the H1 tags when you use titles, and H2 for sub titles), reduce the size of your web documents (keep it as small as possible, 5k is great). You also have to set up meta tags on all of your web pages.

2. Target keywords within your text content by applying a keywords optimization on all of your web pages. This is also time for you to create a good potential domain name based on the definitive keywords you've chosen for your web site. This is a crucial part, most of your SERPS will be determined by the text on your web site. Search engines uses the density of keywords as part of their algorithms to rank web sites on SERPS.

3. Get to know about link popularity and how to build links with other web sites. You can't let your web site alone on internet, you have to get inbound links from other web sites, there is many techniques to get inbound links, you'll get to know about that by reading those tutorials.

4. Set up a robots.txt file to allow or forbid robots/spiders/crawlers to access certain files or folders on your web server. This process is called the robot exclusion standard.

5. Now you have to upload your website and submit it over all the web directories you encounter. Submit your website in DMOZ / ODP web directory, yahoo web directory, all the free web directories and other kind you encounter on your website promotion path. If you have budgets for your web promotion it is time to spend some money for some paid web directoriesinclusions.

Make a list of all the web directories you submit to, and check every week whether they approved your submission or not. If your website still doesn't appear in some web directories after 2 weeks - 4 weeks, re-submit it. Of course your web site have to fit the criterias each web directory recommend before any inclusion. ODP has a tough submission guideline, i suggest you read it very carefully.

6. Submit your web site over all the search engines free Submission Process. Submit your web site to google, yahoo, MSN, and all the other search major engines.

7. Now wait about 1 to 2 months to see some real ranking changes. If your ranking on search engines doesn't satisfy you, you will have to rework on your keywords and build more inbound links.

Never desperate, you will never miss the day your web site appears on SERPS!

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