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Lycos Search Engine History

Lycos is a Search Engine and a Web directory, it was born from a research project by Dr. Michael Mauldin in 1994. Lycos is a short for Lycosidea, which means the wolf spiders, who hunt for their prey.

Lycos was a successful IPO in 1996 despite a total lack revenue. In 1998 it acquired Tripod, a web site where people built their own web sites.

Lycos withered after the dotcom crash of 2001, when it faded out in the face of Google's domination of the search market, and Yahoo's domination of the portal market.

The Lycos company was purchased by Terra Networks in October 2000, and the merged company was renamed Terra Lycos yet the Lycos brand was the US franchise. (Overseas, the company continued to be known as Terra Networks, S.A.) The selling price was $12.5 billion dollars.

On August 2, 2004, Terra announced that it was selling Lycos to Seoul, South Korea-based Daum Communications Corporation for $95.4 million. In October 2004, the transaction closed, and the company name was changed back to Lycos.

Lycos remained in business with a new management team in early 2006.

Lycos Search Engine Submission

For now lycos doesn't offer a submission service.

Lycos receives paid listing results from Looksmart and FindWhat. A Listing inside Lycos also grand a listing inside Hotbot. Actually it work that way with Lycos:

Zeal Listing > Looksmart Listing > Lycos Listing > AskJeeves Listing > Hotbot Listing

I suggest you concentrate your strength on Zeal or Looksmart if you really want to get inside Lycos Search Engine.

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