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14/07/2006 to Today - Kill, Burn, Hang the Spammers.

So what is this for? From now on, all the spammers that i encounter in my virtual life will be listed here, i expect it to become a very long list. Today i just received 50 spam submissions from a guy and i said it was enough, i'm not alone in that case so this list should be helpful somehow. I will list the IP, e-mail, websites, date of submissions, and some other informations! So spammers beware, this ain't funny at all. If you know some hackers that might know how to nuke, give them all the IP i will list below and ask them to do something about that, there are no copyrights on this list, and i am not responsible for any problems that the owners of the IP's will probably have,

Date Owner's IP Spam Count Spammer E-mail
17/07/2006 60
15/07/2006 4
15/07/2006 15
14/07/2006 3
14/07/2006 57
14/07/2006 1
14/07/2006 3

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