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Altavista Search Engine Introduction And Submission

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Altavista Search Engine Introduction:

Altavista name means "high view" and, has been launched on internet in 1995 at Digital Equipment Corporation Research lab in Palo Alto, California.

They created an algorithm which store every word of every HTML page on internet in a fast index. Altavista is the first search engine developing a full-text database of a large part of the World Wide Web. It is also the web first service to offer free emails for life.

Altavista search engine has been launched on internet in 1995 and swiftly surpassed Lycos and Excite in popularity, and was the first multi-langual search engine to support non-latin language such as Japanese or Chinese.

Altavista was rated as the largest search engine in 1995 and between 1997 to 1999. Before its switch to Yahoo Database, Altavista had more than 1 billion indexed files.

In 1996 it became the official content provider of Yahoo Search. In 1998 Digital was sold to Compaq and compaq relaunched altavista as a web portal in 1999. For information, Compaq paid $3.3 millions dollars for the domain name:

But it continued to lose marketshare, especially to Google.

In 2003 Altavista was bought by Overture Inc. because of its failure as a web portal. And Overture itself was taken over by Yahoo in the same period!

Altavista Actual Status

Altavista is an elder amongst the search engines. It is not a major search engines and is not often used by users on internet. A good ranking in altavista is good of course but doesn't have much value in term of quality traffic.

Altavista, just like Overture, is part of Yahoo. Yahoo by the intermediary of Altavista provides Excite in main search engine results content. Altavista also received DMOZ web directories listings.

Submission to Altavista

Altavista Search Engine Submit. If you follow the link, you will see that there is 2 options to get listed in Altavista Search Engine. First option is to submit to Yahoo Search Engine, and the second option is Overture Site Match(tm) program.

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