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Yahoo Introduction And Its Ranking Algorithm

Yahoo! Another Major Search Engine Introduction

Yahoo is one of the major Search Engine on internet when visitors need to find relevant documents. It is also the major web portal on internet.

Yahoo Search Engine is as important as Google in term of search engine optimization, you must have a good ranking on Yahoo SERP's or you will miss some potential traffic opportunities for your website.

Yahoo provides informations to more than 350 millions users a month, it is more than Google.
Yahoo isn't only a search engine but has many different services such as Yahoo mail and Yahoo news!

Yahoo Ranking Algorithm

Yahoo Algorithm is not far from Google Algorithm but different at some points, Yahoo gives much interests in taking its web directory as part of the its Ranking Algorithm. It is sad but real, if you are not in Yahoo Web Directory, you can wait a long time before you appear in Yahoo SERPS. Zeal was the solution for a while if you didn't have the budget of adding a website in Yahoo Web Directory, now Zeal shut down, so submit your website to Yahoo.

If you have a business website you will have to pay $299 dollars annualy to remain inside Yahoo Web Directory. For organizations or informational web sites you can try to Submit freely your web site to Yahoo Web Directory.

Although it's not by applying a fast submission to Yahoo Web Directory and after forgetting about it that your web site will rank in the TOP 10 for each keywords you target! You will have to do some follow up with the Yahoo editors in order to get your website inside!

Also yahoo seems to love more site-wide linking than google.

The Yahoo Ranking Algorithm:

- The title of your website must contain your major keywords. The title is the biggest ranking factor of Yahoo's raking algorithm!

- The description you give when submitting to yahoo web directory should include your major keywords, however don't try to repeat them too much. Very important step.

- Click Popularity is part of Yahoo's Algorithm, Google doesn't put much on that to determines one website ranking. The more visitors click on your website from Yahoo SERP's, the more you'll get close to the Top Ranking.

- The category you are listed in Yahoo Web Directory should (if possible) contain some keywords. This plays a little with the ranking.

- Site-wide linking. Its a choice you have to make, you can get one link per domain in order to rank well on google search engine but you can also get a lot of site-wide linking from other site, Yahoo loves it.

Some people on internet say that Yahoo uses PageRank from google as part of its algorithm. Web sites you see appearing in Yahoo SERP's TOP 10 have sometimes PageRank and sometimes not. PageRank is only used for google search engine ranking and it's affiliates.

Yahoo Ranking Rules

You have to submit your website over yahoo web directory and search engines. Here are the links : Yahoo Website Free Request.

Do not submit all your web pages one by one, you just need to submit your home page, spamming the submission process can result to a ban of your web site on yahoo search engine and you might never appear on yahoo SERPS.

Good luck and pray for your submission to the Yahoo Web Directory.

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