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Ask Jeeves is an internet information retrieval company founded by Garett Gruener and David Warthen In 1996 at Berkeley, CA. The RODA Group, a venture capital firm, were early investors. Rob Wrubel joined the company as CEO in 1998 and led the company until late 2001, when he was replaced by Skip Battle. The current CEO is Steve Berkowitz.

In 1999, Ask Jeeves acquired Direct Hit, a company that had developed the world's first "click popularity" search technology, which was licensed to MSN and Lycos, among others

In 2001, Ask acquired Teoma Search Engine.

Ask Jeeves own some popular web destinations like,,,,,,,

Nowadays Ask Jeeves provides HotBot and Excite for their main search engine results.

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Ask Jeeves receives it's main search result listing from the Teoma Search Engine. Teoma algorithm is known as ExpertRank. To get inside Ask Jeeves you have to get Inside Teoma. But

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