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Search Engines Optimization, Algorithm and Informations

Get to know about the Major Search Engines:

- Google Search Engine algorithm, pagerank, facts and fictions, and submission

- Yahoo Search Engine algorithm, history and submission

- MSN Search Engine algorithm and submission

- Other Major Search Engines such as aol, teoma, askjeeves, hotbot, Lycos, Excite

What is a Search Engine ?

Search Engines helps users on internet to find relevant content about their current needs. They are more than just a tool, they are the internet as far as the normal people using internet uses search engines. When you look for a special document or informations, you rush to your favorite search engine and make some searches about it. This is as simple as that.

Whats great about that. Well you can have great traffic to your website with the help of search engines like google, yahoo and msn. And thats why you're here, you want to learn about search engine optimization. Well in order to know what to do on your website to get those precious rankings that you covet, you should read about their history, how it started, what was the first engine and so on... It's like school actually. It helps to think.

Enjoy reading those search engines history and tips!

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