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MSN Search Engine Optimization

MSN Search Engine Introduction:

MSN (Microsoft Network) has been released in august 1995 to coincide with Windows 95 in that period. The biggest parts of MSN is MSN Hotmail which is an email service and MSN Messenger. People tend to much to associate MSN with MSN Messenger. The 3rd biggest part of MSN is its search engine.

In the United States, MSN is not only a content provider and search engine, it is additionally an internet service provider. In other countries, MSN use underwritters for their services, in the case of the UK, Microsoft use BTInternet. With 9 million subscribers, MSN is the second largest Internet service provider in the United States behind America Online (AOL) service with 26.5 million.

MSN Is the third biggest search engine after google and yahoo, it receives main results listing from Overture.

The MSN Ranking Algorithm

The hugest tip about the msn ranking algorithm is that MSN loves new websites! Type a search on MSN and type the same search on Google, you will notice MSN has less search results than google and why?

MSN only ranks new websites or website that update their content weekly!

The Ranking algorithm is automated and not human mediated like google and yahoo. It is based on the relevance of the content to keywords and the number of link popularity you receive from quality content websites. But you don't have to worry much about msn. If you fulfiled a good optimization for google and dmoz web directory optimization, msn will follow, index and rank your website.

In general good MSN ranking belongs to: web sites that are updated regularly and that have a lot of specific content.

In general all websites are indexed by MSN faster than the big Google!

MSN Search Engine Submission

MSN index your website pretty fast without needing to submit it to there search engines. But i suggest you submit your website one time so that it's done with MSN.

Use this link to submit your website to MSN: MSN Web site Submission.

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