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Google Search Engine Fast Submission

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Fast Submission and Listing on Google Search Engine:

If you want to index your website swiftly inside Google search engine, follow this url and submit your site for indexion first: Google Fast Submission.

Once you are on the Google submission page, you will notice a field 'comments', you can insert your keywords or a comment about your website or a description in this field. But don't expect too much miracles!

Index Your Website on Google Way Much More Faster:

When submitting your website to Google Index, there is a way to get your website(s) indexed more faster than the usual submitting. Google offer people to use a software called sitemap_gen. It creates a sitemap of your website in an XML format in order to help google's crawler indexing your page. What are the benefits from it:

- Better crawl on your website.
- With a Sitemap you tell Googlebot (google robot/crawler) when your site has been edited the last time, you can also tell it if there is new pages and/or new pages structure on your website and so on. You can also update the old pages of your website with this technique.

Once you have installed the Google Site Map Generator, you have to create your website site map in an xml format. This is not hard to use, you will not have any troubles using that software.

After having the XML Google Site Map file:

After you will have to go on this page and create a google account (if you don't have any): Google Sitemaps.

When your account is created you can manage your website site map within this account. Continue in your account and follow the link "add a sitemap now!". Follow the instructions, add your sitemap, manage it. Next time google update its index you should see all the pages of your website indexed.

How long do i have to wait before resubmitting my website to Google?

You should (re)submit your website into google search engine every 6 months.

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