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Learn About Google PageRank Link Popularity Algorithm

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What is Google Pagerank?

PageRank is a software designed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin Google's founders, which gives your website a link popularity score from 0 to 10.

Like explained in the link popularity web page, a website A linking to website B is interpreted by PageRank like a vote from website A for website B. PageRank also analyze the pages that distributes the votes.

Websites with importance (PageRank) who gives out votes help other web pages to have importance, which means help them to have a higher PageRank.

Remember that, important high quality content websites receives a higher PageRank than websites with a low quality content. And Google count PageRank as part of its search engine algorithm so it helps you to rank better over Google SERP's. The higher is your PageRank, the higher is your ranking on Google Search Engine (with targeted keywords).

Google uses pagerank and sophisticated text machine techniques to brings important and relevant websites in the first row of Google SERP's for any queries you type. So PageRank is part of the Google Algorithm.

You can't buy PageRank by the way. That's a good way to prevent from corruption and fake ranking. Without lying, PageRank is the only thing that made Google what it is today. Text and link analysis are the base of Google Search Engine Algorithm. Without this algorithm, google would be just another search engine on internet.

Do no trust Search Engine Optimizers websites that offer services to submit your website on thousands of search engines. I really feel bad for the ones who submit their websites on internet that way. Doing this doesn't provide popularity (you get popularity of course but not like you imagine), PageRank or better ranking. Also be sure that if you use one of those services, that the search engine optimizer provides you a list of all the search engines he submitted your website to.

How does PageRank Renders like ?

Sample on how pagerank renders like for a website.

To know the PageRank of any websites on internet you must install Google Toolbar. After the installation you will navigate on internet and notice PageRank gives a score from 0 to 10 for any web pages. Here the score is 7/10 and it's really good.

How do I Get a Higher PageRank ?

To get a higher PageRank, you should link with webpages that are indexed by google and web pages that have a pagerank higher than 3. Trade links as much as possible with other websites also. Avoid websites with 0 PageRank.

Google tends to focus more on Google Indexed Backlinks to give a thrust to your PageRank than web pages that links to your website but are not indexed by Google.

If you look at your Link Popularity Analysis from the major search engines, you will notice google doesn't give your website a lot of backlinks like MSN or Yahoo does. It means and show that you need more links from web pages indexed by Google, so hunt them.

Tips to get Backlinks from Websites Indexed in Google Search Engine:

Check and look at your competitors Link popularity, research how many google backlinks they have, and try to submit where you see backlinks from your competitors.

Pagerank Algorithm and How it works

Pagerank Algorithm
Your last step to understand about pagerank. You have to read and learn about that article which is still up to date.

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