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Google Web Directory

Google Web Directory:

The Google Web Directory contains a collection of websites selected by ODP / DMOZ's volunteer editors. Google believes in the good will of the Open Directory Project editors to list good quality content sites, if there is one directory on the web i would trust about that, i would say DMOZ (though DMOZ editors are highly corrupted, it changes within the past 2 years)

The only way to get listed in the Google Directory, is to submit to DMOZ and get your site approved. So you have to study and knows how to get a site listed in DMOZ. This is just a submission, my advice is submit and forget.

The Google directory contains over 1.5 million URLs. Actually the google SERP's are enhanced by the google directory (powered by DMOZ). A place inside their directories means a better ranking as well, trust me, this is a must. Dmoz -> Google Directory -> Google SERP's effects for your site. Google SERP's will probably use the description you submitted to DMOZ as the description of your website when appearing on search engine result pages, so no mistakes and typos are allowed there (anyway editors will never approved a sites that get typos in the description and title)! Get some helps about writing a description.

Most of the directories that people will visit are Yahoo Directory and Google Directory. No others directories receive the traffic they receive! Get your site listed there, find a way.

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