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Your Domain Name Based on Potential Keywords

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One thing is for sure is that the search engine optimization process changes most of the time because of new variables or old one updated. But your domain name do not change, and you just can't switch from a domain name to another domain name. If you do so you will lose all the popularity you made over the internet so far. And you don't want that don't you?

If your website is a restaurant and you provide only asian foods. You may want to have a domain name like that: ''. So it means you target the keywords 'asian foods'. You will have to optmize your content to fit with this keyword. Use 'asians' whenever you need to show what kind of food your restaurant is about for instance.

Check for competition before, for myself my domain name is close to I have to admit it is a bad move but now it's done.

So as you understood, you have to study your potential competitors domain names in order to avoid that kind of mistake.

Avoid creating domain names like Actually you could but i don't know much people who can remember such a long name.

Optimize Your Domain Name With Keywords

Some people like to buy the same domain name but with different TLDs like:,,, Do as you want, there is no problems and it helps prevent from plagiarism. I recommend you to buy the .com and .net at the same time when you are about to purchase your domain names TLD.

You can learn more about the domains and subdomains here, to help you choose the best TLDs for your website.

Something related with the subject:

+ When you submit your website to a web directory. Do not use sub domains like but use when they ask you to enter your website url for a directory submission like DMOZ. It is better seen by search engines!

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