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The best folder structuration for your website

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Best Folder Structuration

It is the same principle as the domain name optimization. Find relevant keywords and use them as folder names.

Sections in a folder structure are seen by robots as part of one website, so the more subsections you have, the more content your site appears to have in the robots smart logic.

And content is king for everything you attempt to do in your search engine optimization. So having a good folder structure means having a good content.

There is not much to tell but for example:

The website uses the folder h to locate house.html. So the robots have to go through the folder h also, so they obviously notice the name of the folder and associate the name of the folder with the web pages theme inside of it. So for robots judgements, all the web pages inside the folder h are about "h activites" which means nothing.

The best optimization here would be:
This is a pretty good technique for Web Directories Submissions also.

Note about Keywords To Domain Name Optimization:

The domain name and folder optimization techniques are the same for:
- All keywords contained in the title Tag
- All keywords contained in a Heading Tag H1, H2, H3...H6
- All keywords in bold text or other color
- All keywords in the Meta Tags
- All keywords in image alt tags or comment tags
- All keywords in hyperlinks
- All keywords contained in anchor links
- All keywords contained in a web document
- All keywords outside of your website on a web directory or on a partner web page.

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