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Choose Relevant Keywords For your Web Pages

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Keywords optimization are 35% of the whole seo process.

Keywords Optimization Tutorials

And this is a crucial job to find keywords. So you have to think and find out what could be the best keywords for your website(s).


For myself i find it very exciting and interesting. This is a lot of fun because you learn a lot! If you are new to that and you learn keywords optimization for the first time, i am certain you have some idea of keywords for your website already. Something i learnt is that nobody can foresee what keywords is potentially great in traffic before any valuable on live statistics.

Important Note:

If you get to know more about using keywords to your advantages, you will certainly discover unused keywords on internet in differents aspect. But you have to seek hard for that. Do not tell anyone about your "discover". Keep those keywords to yourself and try to make business with them!

Generally if you want to have a good keywords optimization, you will have to count the following items into your keywords statistics:

- The density of your major keywords shouldn't have a density higher than 10% and lower than 2%. Major keywords should have a density between 6% and 8% and secondary (for combinations) keywords between 2% and 5%.

- Providing a list of targeted keywords using the tools Overture and/or Nichebot to find keywords potentially reliable. Those tools provides, per month and per day, enough informations on how many times people inqueries the search engines for your coveted keywords.

- Researching competitors for each of your keywords. This includes knowing their PageRank, link popularity, keywords density, ranking over the major search engines and if possible knowing them. I suggest you make a list of all the competitors you'll have to face.

- Also count in your list: keywords you dont want to target at first (if you have time). It might be useful to know whats behind them anyway it might be easter!

- You will (probably) see some keywords who has a nice amount of inqueries over the search engines and the competition is not there at all. Mark those keywords in red and find many others like that. You should get 1-4 keywords marked in red at the end of your stats. Use those keywords as much as you can.

A little bit of history :

When i learnt search engine optimization for the first time i thought meta tags would help me out like anybody else who doesn't know anything about SEO. And i did not promote the site like nowadays because i was too much focusing on the meta tags like the meta tags keywords and description. I knew about keywords optimization because i started to read about web promotion on internet, but i didn't understand much actually, for me keywords were meta tags.

When you talk about keywords optimization, you mention meta tags at the end of a conversation. Meta tags are just 10% of your keywords optimization job. Even less and that's not odd.

I think there is a lot of misunderstanding on the web when it's about keywords optimization. Just tell yourself that keywords is a term you employ to specify all the single words you type in a web document. In a picture alt tag, meta tags, texts, buttons etc... Every word on a web page count as a keyword. Some keywords spots in your HTML are more important than others, those spots must be used properly with your major keywords.

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