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How to use Meta tags Tips and Help

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1.2 How to use them?

How to use meta tags

One meta tag precedes the other one. You can have a lot of meta tags inside your html pages. But Meta Tags are heavy, especially if you are a wacko who feels like using all the meta tags available to make your web page very precise.

I would say just use the meta tag keywords, robots and description. Others aren't that relevant and they can't help rank your webpage.

As you understood it already:

- The description meta tag describe shortly your website.
- The keywords meta tag contains all your targeted and major keywords relating about the web page.
- The title tag is the title of your current web page.
- The language meta tag determines the language(s) of your website.
- The robots meta tag tell the spiders whether yes or no they should follow the links on your site, index your site or avoid private folders on your server. You may also need to create a robots.txt file.

Meta Tags Tips:

+ First hint is to never repeat the title in the description meta tag. You should use other keywords in your description meta tag. In general you never repeat the same keyword in any meta tags. But you can repeat as much key phrases as you want in the 'keywords' meta tag. It has been created for that. But anyway you can do as you want! Meta tags aren't that useful.

+ Second hint. Each pages of your website should contain different meta tags descriptions and keywords. Because meta tags has been created for the purpose of describing one page at a time and not a whole website. Do not copy and past the same meta tags on all of your pages.

+ If you don't know what kind of keywords could be useful for your pages, don't waste your time. It is better to have nothing than having unrelevant meta tags. But here is a good tutorial on how to get relevant meta tags keywords from your content.

+ Third hint. Be Specific. You must explain in a short sentence what is your page about, and you must choose keywords very carefully. You can learn (more) about keywords optimization.

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