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Optimize your Title and URL for DMOZ The Open Directory Project

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Summary of does and don'ts to get listed in dmoz. It's a generalization of the DMOZ Guidelines. But it follows exactly their rules. A place in DMOZ means a place in Google Web Directory as well.

DMOZ Title and URL Customization:

- Check all the links inside your website and track broken links. Make sure you submit a correct URL when submitting your website to DMOZ.

- Delete files like 'index.html', 'index.php' at the end of your url. They are superfluous. If your Url can't work without those files (hum hum) you may use them. Evidentually, if you want to add a web page like this:, you have to add the full url address within the file 'google.html'.

- For the title: Add the official name of your website in the title. Give a clue to people whether your website is about business, organization or informations. If you use Acronyms in your business field, and it may helps people to find out your website, you have to use them in your title. Also, you must have the first letter of each word in the title capitalized.
- Do not add unrelevant words, character or superfluous keywords inside your title.

- Do not include hello phrases such as "Welcome To", "Website", "Howdy!" at the beginning or at the end of a title if they are not a component of the name of your website.

- No punctuation marks of any kind.

- Do not capitalize the title in its entirety. NOT LIKE THAT FOR INSTANCE.

- Do not end your title with any punctuation marks such as exclamation mark.

Is it logic?

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