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Choose the best DMOZ category for your website

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Choose a Category on DMOZ / ODP:

So now you have your description, your title (that you carefully polished) and your website follow the ODP Editors policy. Good!

The category where you submit your website is all that matters now. You have to choose the most suitable category for your website, it must be logical. Adding a banana website in a show polish category is a bad move which can result to a definitive ban of your website from DMOZ.

Warning: Do not choose a dmoz category because of its Pagerank!

ODP Best Category Submission Example:

Let's say--you have a search engine promotion guide website and you're looking for a good web directory.
So you go on DMOZ and look for the best category for your site.

You can use the search and type your competitor's website to see where they are placed in dmoz.
Or you can do a manual category research with a cup of coffee; relaxing time!

Step by Step with DMOZ:


On the main page of DMOZ you see a category 'Computer'. Obviously search engine promotion is about computer so you click that category.


Now you want to find the best relevant category for your site inside the computer category.
You look closely... And here 'Internet' is perfect for your search engine optimization guide.


Now it starts to be specific. Here again i find a category named "Web Design And Development" which is pretty similar to the website theme.

Top/Computer/Internet/Web Design And Development

And now it's pretty obvious i can see the category 'Promotion'!

Top/Computer/Internet/Web Design And Development/Promotion

Once inside you have others categories but as aforementioned my website is an SEO Guide and there is a category 'Guides'.

Top/Computer/Internet/Web Design And Development/Promotion/Guides

Now you have your category. You may like to submit your website to dmoz, so you click on the top button "Suggest URL".

Add your description, title, url and click on submit website. Pray your website will be accepted! If you did everything correctly as they told in their guidelines, you will not have problems getting listed in DMOZ web directory.

When will i know if my website has been accepted in DMOZ ?

Never. A submission to DMOZ is like a job cover letter! Once you sent the letter it is your job to make sure that they receive it.

Don't Be Sad If The Best Suitable Category Has Low PageRank

In that category, the pagerank isn't great (5/10). But this is better to have a link from a PR5 page (here it is dmoz) than having nothing.

Tips about dmoz

- Some people uses mirror of DMOZ Web Directory on their websites, it looks exactly like DMOZ but on another website. Those 'mirrors' have obviously the same content of DMOZ web directory. So your website will surely appear in those mirrors and you'll get Inbound links from them for your link popularity.

The water website i submitted a while ago got 355 inbound links from dmoz mirrors. Excite Italia web directory is a mirror of DMOZ.

- Google Web Directory uses the dmoz directory as a source of informations. If your website is inside DMOZ, it's also inside Google Directory.

- Being inside DMOZ means having better SERP's on google search engine. This is actually a fact, i've experienced that and it does help search engine rankings, especially for google search engine.

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